Hansen_Tim - Version 3

Here is my approach to photography:  

1.  Candid Emotion 

My goal is to give you a 1/1 boutique photography experience.  Not just a generic backdrop and say, "cheese".  I am not your cookie-cutter photographer.  I want to photography you in the most natural state as possible, while you are portraying your most candid and genuine emotions.  

2.  Artistry 

After the shoot, I spend hours pouring over each photograph, adding my artistic perspective to render the most timeless and incomparable version of that image.  Every time you look at your photographs, I want your heart to skip a beat.

2.  Drawing Light

 Photo = "light", and graphy = "to draw".  Since I was a young man I wanted to be a painter, or sketch artist, yet I never had the true ability.  With photography, I am absolutely captivated by natural light.  The more I seek to understand light, and use it to help me "draw" the light and then compose the most beautiful portraits for my clients.  

The final step is delivering you a polished, hand finished print/album that you will find 100% worth your investment.  

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I'll travel anywhere to do a great shoot!  

Contact me anytime at timothy435@gmail.com

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