Tim Hansen and Jacob Folsom are Jonesin'

Jonesin' is acoustic instrumentation and vocal harmony; a soft-rock, bluegrassy, love song, easy listening, emotion heightening music.  Produced by Russ Dixon.

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CD Baby

Jonesin' is the acoustic duo of Tim Hansen and Jacob Folsom, got together in Utah in the summer of 2003. Tim and Jacob got started by writing little ditties in their apartment on Sunday afternoons after church. Then, one day they broke out with their first song,"No More". They performed it for friends and neighbors; everyone was impressed at the emotional and real-life lyrics, and the second their two voices started to harmonize....they caught everyone's attention.

After writing many more songs together and doing some local gigs, jonesin' recorded their self'debuting album in the winter/spring of 2003. This album was produced by Russ Dixon from the group Colors and features many extremely talented guest artists such as:  Ryan Shupe, David Tolk, Rich Dixon, Craig Poole, and Craig Minor. The album was a smash success locally, and now it is being marketed to the world on CDBABY! So, sit back and enjoy the rich acoustic harmonies of jonesin'. Oh, by the way...jonesin', by definition means: a persistant emotional yearning!

Album Photography

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