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Most photographers need a swift kick in the pants when it comes to pricing!  They try to fit a square peg into a round hole.  For example, "Here' s my package, I'm sure it will fit what you want!", and "if I need a bathroom break in the middle of the shoot, you'll be paying for it."

Years from now you won't remember how much money you spent on photography, but you will always remember how you feel about the photos that were taken.  If price is the most important thing to you, you'll most likely end up with pathetic photos you REGRET.  Benjamin Franklin said:  "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


I have been in the diamond engagement ring business for almost 15 years.  As I have consulted with hundreds of couples over the years, the #1 thing they regret about their wedding experience is: their crappy photos! 


I produce only the highest resolution images.  I release to you the digital file of each photograph.  Though an image always remains the IP of the photographer, I release to you the rights to do what you'd like with the images.  My website will provide you your own gallery to view and share these images with friends and family.  Even they can purchase any prints they would like right from my website.  


I strongly suggest you use my website to make your prints.  There is a REMARKABLE DIFFERENCE in quality between Walmart, Costco, Target compared to the professionally rendered prints from my website.  My prints will cost a bit more, but again, I promise it will be worth your investment.  The prints are done by one of the finest printing houses in the industry, and sent right to your home.  


Sessions can be done in your home, my studio, or any location we decide.  It's all about finding the most favorable lighting.  Trust me, we will find it, and your shots will look amazing!

My philosophy = Keep It Simple!

My job is to give you a 1/1 experience in which your satisfaction far exceeds your investment.  

So, I work on a price range because each situation is unique depending on # of people, location, what you would like to achieve: 


Done at your preferred location:  your home, the hospital, my studio.  Usually takes 2-3 hours.  I'm going to use the best natural light, indoor and/or outdoors.

FAMILIES $300 - $1,000

- Done at your preferred location:  your home, or I have lots of ideas.  Usually takes 2-3 hours.  I'm going to use the best natural light, indoor and/or outdoors.  My favorite thing is to do a family evening, where we go to a super-picturesque location close by, and spend a few hours with your family just enjoying the outdoors.  I will take a few posed shots of you, your kids, pets... whatever.  Then the rest is just raw, natural, candid moments and for me to capture your genuine interactions.

WEDDINGS  $2,000 to $5,000

I am committed to the entire experience!  The engagement pictures, the dinner, the rehearsal, the luncheon, reception, etc... Whatever you're doing I'm going to be there to document it.  Let's sit down and talk about your plans!  


- Pets, graduation, blessing, christening, birthday party, family reunion, just for the heck of it, headshot for work, pictures of people or product for your website, pictures of your hobby, etc... I will help you document all the meaningful events and people in your life you're not making time to document properly.  

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